Why UrbanEdge Publishing

UrbanEdge is a small publishing company that operates like a close knit extended family. We're a team. Our authors support one another, communication is our first priority, and diversity is embraced at all times. Our authors represent a variety of life experiences, backgrounds, and interests - it's what makes us unique; what bonds them is a fierce passion for what they do.
UrbanEdge is not just about contemporary fiction, urban fiction, or non fiction.  Instead, we would rather say that we are about the business of books - good books - life changing books.
Having been in the publishing industry for almost 10 years, the team at UrbanEdge understands the importance of evolving with the times! So, after spending several months reviewing the submissions and requests received, we've decided to make some moves that will allow us to better meet the needs of the authors we want to serve.
Traditional Publishing
UrbanEdge started out as a small, minority women owned publishing house, and we'll remain that way. We'll continue to pour into authors we believe will make good partners. There are no fees associated with traditional publishing, but authors should have hired a reputable professional editor for the project prior to submitting it to any publisher.
Digital Publishing
Ebooks are selling in record numbers - without paperback editions! UrbanEdge Digital is still a part of our traditional model, but without the paperback.
Publish Your Way
Our newest venture, Publish Your Way, is what we call hybrid publishing. It allows authors who want to self publish, the opportunity to do that with the support of a publishing company who has spent years learning the business.
The Common Thread
Whether going traditional, digital, or Publish Your Way, the common thread is partnership. Authors are involved in every step of the process including design choices.
UrbanEdge publishing only takes on projects that we believe in 150% - nothing less. We are striving every day to build a solid foundation for ourselves in the publishing world so that 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now - we'll still be right here.