Raising Giants- eBook

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Raising Giants- eBook

Published Date:June 18, 2017



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What do you do when it is up to you? Is there a secret ingredient to becoming the perfect single mother? How do you raise a giant in the midst of failure, anger, and confusion? Are you on an emotional roller coaster and uncertain as to how to get off? Do you find yourself listening to that nagging voice that whispers just quit? Your greatest moments will come when you are bent over and gasping for a second wind to make it past the next challenge.

Raising Giants is a transparent and radical approach to addressing the unspoken barriers that stare single mothers so intimately in the face. It teaches you how to be courageous as you encounter some of life’s toughest moments as a single mother. Real life experiences coupled with proven strategies for success will help you when you when you reach those “I can’t believe this is happening to me bumps in the road.” Often, those “bumps” will cause you to buckle under the pressure, but this book will give you the extra push you need to keep on pushing!

C. Grayce Bernard is an author, wealth empowerment coach, certified professional speaker, boss lady, mom and the founder of Choose Your Life, Inc. She has a fondness for female single parents and seeks to help them be more successful and efficient leaders in and outside the home. She has helped countless women write a new narrative for their personal and professional lives while raising kids alone. C. Grayce is the single mom of three amazing GIANTS.


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