Fragments of a Reflection

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Fragments of a Reflection

Published Date:May 30, 2017



ISBN No: 978-0986251757.

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“I hate looking at you sometimes, looking into the eyes of a woman that hold so many secrets, so many regrets, and so much pain. On the surface, you seem so normal, as if life has been kind to you. But your eyes . . . your eyes, they tell a different story. Your eyes . . . they reveal your unspoken truth.”

Fragments of a Reflection is a collection of short stories and poetry that narrate the lives of five women who appear to be beautiful, successful, and emotionally strong. The women, however, conscious of their internal truth know they are nothing more than what the mirror says they are – a reporter in search of the person she used to be; a woman who would kill to be loved; a mother grieving the death of her child; a witness unable to stop a deadly assault; a prisoner who finds peace behind bars; and the memory of a promise that couldn’t be kept.

N’Zuri Za Austin is an American poet, author, director, and screenwriter. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas; however, at an early age her childhood was split between Arkansas with her mother and Newark, NJ with her father.

Austin first attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she majored in Business, but later in life changed her degree to Mass Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. After being cast as an extra in a music production by Professor Kyle T Miller, she began to realize that the true beauty of words were in the motion they created, and so set out to write life.

She is known for her films, Unspoken Truth – a short on domestic violence; Bastard – the story of a Fatherless Child; Battle Line – a Poetry in Motion Film Series, and her recently published book, Fragments of a Reflection. She is also the 2016 ABFF/TV One Screenplay Competition Winner for her script Tale of a Script. Through her writing, Austin hopes to spark thought provoking commentary as well as arouse others to speak up and speak out about the painful truths they face on a day to day basis when they look at themselves in the mirror. She believes that it is time we all stopped hiding behind the truth, and start living in spite of it.


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