Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors

C. Grayce Bernard

C. Grayce Bernard is an author, wealth empowerment coach, certified professional speaker, boss lady, mom and the founder of Choose Your Life, Inc. She has a fondness for female single parents and seeks to help them be more successful and efficient leaders in and outside the home. She has helped countless women write a new narrative for their personal and professional lives while raising kids alone. C. Grayce is the single mom of three amazing GIANTS.

Cassidy Robinson

Cassidy was exposed to many aspects of cultural arts as a child. Writing at an early age, Cassidy discovered her passion for creating imaginative stories; from short children’s stories to full-length novels, it was an outlet meant to be a part of her life. After completing her first novel, she set out to join the publishing industry and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the UrbanEdge family. Cassidy is currently attending school in Boston for music composition with an intended minor in English. After graduation, her passion for writing music and stories will continue, and the ultimate goal is to see her story on the big screen.

Hannah CarrierHannah Carrier 

Hannah Carrier is a Philosophy graduate and events blogger living in London. Having spent the best part of her younger years writing short stories and exploring imaginative worlds inside her beloved books, writing a novel of her own has been a self-affirming dream! With a passion to approach life’s most important questions and with a vision to uphold feminism through literature, Hannah hopes to continue writing strong characters that stay with us long after we close a book.


Daamon Speller

Daamon Speller has been a contributor for: Today’s Black Woman, Black Men, Upscale, Daamon SpellerHeart & Soul, and the Baltimore Sun newspaper. After ten years of writing nonfiction, he transitioned to fiction to compliment the education that he received as a Drama and Musical Theater major at Julia Richman (renamed Talent Unlimited) high school; one of Manhattan’s top performing arts academies. In addition to his work as a novelist, he is a marketing professional who continues to work for organizations in the non-profit, publishing, and advertising industries. Bel Air, Maryland is now home for this native of Queens, New York.

Jamie debardelebenJamye DeBardeleben

Jamye DeBardeleben is the proud mother of 2 and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. An avid reader, she is a lover of all literary genres and recently realized her life’s dream of becoming a published author with the electrifying novel, Role Playing. Life’s tumultuous twist and turns, ups and downs have only made her stronger. Her philosophy is that, even though she has been through some of life’s worst lessons, she made it through; and if she can make it, then anybody can. Lucky for her readers, she chose writing as her weapon of choice as an effective way to relieve the stress that nearly consumed her. Using this as endless inspiration, she continues to write compelling stories to share. One of her greatest desires is that her readers enjoy where her mind takes them.

David Ravenwood

David Ravenwood has taught in the Texas public elementary schools for nineteen years. He enjoys water aerobics at the gym, reading, movies, and studying World War ll and the Civil War. Creating interesting characters in his novels that seem to come alive, and coming up with plot twists, provides his greatest satisfaction. His wife, Stephanie, discusses story ideas with him and helps with the administrative work for his novels. They live in Texas with their two cats, Fred and Felix.

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