Goodreads: A Closer Look at Marketing

Goodreads: A Closer Look at Marketing

by Jessica Cohn is a useful site for any reader. With its extensive database of books from children’s to adult mystery, non-fiction to obscure poetry, and even self-published novels and e-book editions, Goodreads is a treasure trove for book lovers. It can also be an incredible asset to market your book. Here are four ways to market your book on this well-respected site.

As a published author, you’re entitled to an author page. What you do with that page is essential.

I’ll be using Suzanne Weyn’s author page as an example. Weyn’s author page is pretty complete with links to her website, genre tags, and a comprehensive bio. To market your books well, a link to your personal website and genres are essential. It gives the reader a broader understanding of what types of work you write. If you edit your Goodreads page well, prospective readers might click on your link. While a bio is always a good idea, it isn’t a big deal not to have one for Goodreads. Someone can click on your personal website link for that, but if you want to write one, it can do only good.

You’ll also see that her books are listed with links to each one. This is done automatically and viewers can see the full list of your books in one spot. Viewers also have the advantage of “following” your author page for updates.

There are also options for events, interviews, and quotes you can add manually. Add any interviews about your work or writing here. Even if a sibling or family friend conducted the interview, it’s worth adding to show that you have recognition for your books. In the quotes section, anyone can add quotes from books. Go through your book and pull out quotes you think would entice a reader. You can add them to your page; they’ll appear on the quotes section of the community drop down menu (where you can also add a quote if adding it directly to the page is not working). Quotes are a huge way to gain followers and publicity for your book!

Speaking of publicity, here is a partial list of genres found on Goodreads in the Creative Writing section of the Community drop down menu. Your book will appear under the genre or tags list in which you add. For instance, you want to put the tag “christianity.”  Your book will be added to the 241 books currently with that tag. However, sometimes the tags can work against you. If you add a popular tag such as “adventure,” your book is added to the 1,889 books with that tag and could get lost.

There is also a group section on Goodreads. Here, you can join any group that’s interesting to you or relates to your book and participate in discussion boards, challenges, polls, etc. It’s a great way to connect with readers interested in books similar to yours and suggest that your book might be next on their reading list! Also, check out the Discussions page from the Community drop down menu to connect with readers.

Goodreads is an amazing resource for both readers and writers. By building up your account, you’ll be sure to find that traffic for your book will increase!


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